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Colin Elgie 8th Dan

Patron: Hajime Hayabuchi (16th Soke), Araki Muninsai Ryu Iaido, Kobe, Japan

Shuho Jujitsu was established in 1979 by Sensei Colin Elgie, 8th Dan.

Although it is a western style of martial art, it has its roots firmly placed Japanese tradition.


True budo (Japanese martial arts philosophy) practised in the dojo. Sensei Colin takes a personal interest in each of his students, teaching them according to their own individual strengths and requirements.


Although based in traditional etiquette and philosophy, our style of Jujitsu is contemporary, extremely practical and effective. This means that regardless of factors such as size, gender, age and strength there will always be an effective technique to be able to put into practice.


Our dojo has many highly experienced, black belt instructors; these are students that still choose to train with Sensei Colin (even though they are experts themselves) because they know he won't compromise our technical standard. This is why our club has a renowned reputation which continues to grow.


The name Shu-Ho means "Superior Peak" or "Mountain". This name was given to the head of Shu-Ho Jujitsu, Sensei Colin Elgie, by his own Sensei, Soke Hajime Hayabuchi.


Soke Hayabuchi is headmaster of Arakimuninsai Ryu of the Dai Nippon Keitensha Dojo (based in Kobe, Japan). Soke Hayabuchi's own interpretation of Shu-Ho is that students should train hard and strive to rise up from the sea of students to become like a mountain, raising our technique and understanding ever higher. This principle is evident in our training, where students are always encouraged to produce their best and then to improve on this, with demonstrations and guidance from the instructors.


Shuho is a member of NAKMAS (The Nation Association of Karate and Martial Arts Schools) UK governing body.





Beginners can train in any strong, light clothing, e.g. T-shirt and track suit bottoms. All jewellery should be removed prior to training. Students train barefoot in a traditional Japanese jacket and trousers which can be purchased through the club.


Your First Class

When you first arrive at a Shu-Ho jujitsu class, you will be shown basic techniques aimed specifically at beginners of all physical abilities. You will be taught how to break your fall when thrown, and will be shown some of the more basic techniques from the yellow belt syllabus.


Following Etiquette

Jujitsu is a Japanese martial art, and at Shu-Ho Jujitsu we place some emphasis on following correct etiquette. There is a formal rei (bow) at the start and end of every class. You will be shown how to do this before the class begins. As a mark of respect you will be asked to address your instructor as Sensei, which means teacher in Japanese.




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